Can Online Roulette Be Rigged?

Well, we can already tell you at this stage that yes, they can be rigged, anything can be rigged and corrupted for the benefit of the house, but what is the likelihood of this? We discuss the facts to put your mind at ease because it is highly unlikely that you will ever come across rigged games in a casino online.

The Processes of an Honest Casino

There is still negativity that is put upon casinos online, thinking that all is rigged against the player and that there is no point in gambling online because you won’t win. In fact, it is the complete opposite. Casinos and their games are not made overnight and thrown onto the Internet to cheat players out of money. Yes, games can be rigged because of the programming, but as you will see, it would be impossible for a legitimate casino to pull it off.

Casinos and games are two different fractions. Casinos are just the platform to which games are provided. The games themselves aren’t actually made by the casinos, they are designed and developed by software companies like Microgaming, NetEnt and Red Tiger.

The construct of a casino is laborious and can take years for a site to obtain a gambling license. The price of becoming a legitimate operator is patience and compliance to the codes of conduct. Once a casino has the legal baking to be a gambling operator, they then must get the backing from independent regulators. These authoritative bodies test every area of the casino for safety and they test all the games to make sure they are fair for customers of the site to use.

The testing of games isn’t done by men in suits sitting down and playing 100 games of online slots or roulette tables and giving them the thumbs up if they win. The process is far more complex, with the checks carried out on the programming of the games and their algorithms which dictate how a game functions.

Now, if you’re thinking this sounds all very dull and boring, it is nothing compared to the process of getting a casino up and running. To help you find such sites, here is a compiled list of licensed casinos that are available in South Africa and meet all the legal conditions of the industry and are backed by gambling authorities which have approved their services fit for purpose.

How Roulette Games Are Built

No matter what you play, it could be some slots or blackjack or poker, though different on the surface, they are all built with the same programs. Roulette is no different. Roulette is powered by algorithms called the Random Number Generator. These algorithms produce billions of serial numbers in seconds. Serial numbers are allocated to the numbers of the roulette table and then to the wheel. What essentially happens is that if the numbers match between the wheel and table, you win. But because so many are generated the principle is a bit like a lottery.

This is not to say that when playing roulette online that your odds are one in a billion, it just highlights the mechanics of the system, which in illegal operations can be rigged if the algorithm was altered to influence the outcomes. As you have been provided with tested games and legal sites, your experience will be more successful.

To avoid rigged games, the steps are simple, make smart decisions and stick with casinos which abide by the stringent codes of conduct passed down by the higher powers, here is some more information.

Last modified: 10 June 2020